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Our flock of pedigree Shetland sheep – not previously mentioned on this blog, is now 15 strong.   Coming into this year we had 4 pregnant ewes and 4 of last year’s lambs.  The ewes each produced a pair of twins, … Continue reading

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A short story in 1½ sentences

From the Guardian, Saturday colour magazine Saturday 5th April 2014 The guys from the bungee company visited me in hospital. They were very apologetic… You can read the whole story on the Guardian web site but really, why bother?  I … Continue reading

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Very pleased with our new bookshelf – a Christmas present from me to Caroline. Spotted in the Victoria and Albert museum – a Ron Arad classic design.  Mass-produced but every one is different as you bend it to your own … Continue reading

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How East Sussex County Council misleads the public about their broadband strategy

Not everyone knows this, but using the “WaybackMachine” facility at the Internet Archive project, you can view not only how a web page looks today, but also how it looked at various dates in the past. Woe betide you if … Continue reading

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Barn raising

We almost have a new barn. From this: to this:  

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FIT payments – further update

Having blogged before about E.ON’s poor performance on paying FITs, I think the good news is that once you do get onto their new computer system, the payment turnround is fairly quick (albeit they have gone backwards in that the … Continue reading

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Vegetable garden

This little corner has two walls facing south and west.  Against the west-facing wall I have already planted a couple of pear trees, and I felt that this area was begging to be turned into a vegetable garden. Twelve barrow-loads … Continue reading

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