Another reason to avoid E.ON for your feed-in tariffs

I’ve previously posted about E.ON’s uselessness in handling feed-in tariffs; and now they have fallen over again.

We have now had our solar panels up and running for 9 months, so this morning I submitted our quarterly meter reading for the feed-in tariffs.  Got the following automated reply.

Subject:     Thank you for your Feed-in Tariff meter reading
Date:     Sat, 11 Feb 2012 08:01:09 +0000
From:     RETUK Feed In Tariff Meter Readings <>
To:     Andrew Wedmore

Hello and thanks for your Feed-in Tariff meter reading. We’ll use this to work out your payment which we’ll send to your chosen bank account in the next 45 days [my italics].
We are sorry that it is going to take this long but we are currently experiencing high volumes due to the changes in the Solar PV industry at present.  We are working to improve this and hope to pay your next quarter within a reduced timescale.
If you have any questions, please email us at Feed In Tariff Meter Readings.
Kind regards
E.ON Feed-in Tariff Team

45 days!  One hardly needs to point out that if they were the creditor rather than the debtor, they wouldn’t calmly let you take 45 days to pay.  


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  1. Mr J Robles says:

    After I complained to Eon and copied their CEO Dr Cocker in the best they could answer me was to point out that the regulations placed no time limit within which to pay out Tariff Incentive payments and provided me with the downloadable 86 page pdf document viz:

    Click to access 1101Guidance_V2_Consult.pdf

    OFGEM seem to have buried their head in the SAND with energy suppliers free to take as long as they wish to make these payments which by any reasonable man’s yard stick is not an acceptable business practice taking 45 days to make a legally due payment.
    perhaps The Energy Ombudsman should earn his money and take a look at this oversight by our Legislators in ensuring our Governments chosen administrators for this Solar FITS SCHEME meet their obligations in a far more fair and efficient way.

    • P Bladen says:

      I have FITs payments from mosty of the power companies. The time lag varies. Scottish Power are quickest & E On next. Good Energy & N Power are slowest. The time varies between a couple of weeks & 3 months. Why pick on E On, they are one of the better companies. Their biggest issue is in handling the -2 & -3 FIT accounts for more than one installation on a property.

  2. Ronald Pattie says:

    I have been waiting 52 days for my second FIT payment. I think that this is intolerable. I was about to write a letter of complaint but your experience would suggest I might be wasting my time.

    • John Robles says:

      Complaining is never a waste of time and 52 days is not an acceptable length of time to receive a legally due payment. I would complain officially to Eon direct to the FITS team and at the same time copy in The Energy Ombudsman and Eon’s ‘CEO’ Dr Cocker, his email address is .
      After all all is you are doing is asking them to put their house in order, I believe their target to do so is to have their fully automated integrated system completed and up and running by the end of September 2012. Good Luck!
      J Robles.

  3. Leon Williams says:

    Guess EON are dedicating the resources you would expect when it comes to paying out money……
    I have sent a complaint email to the FIT team as, like Ronald, my latest payment has still not been received, 50 days after my reading was submitted.

  4. John Robles says:

    Look at the LINK that follows this paragraph, the more people that complain the better, I have been with Eon for FIT payments since October 2010 and am currently still waiting to be paid for my reading(s) sent on 5/4/2012 some 54 days late now even after complaining to Eon’s FIT TEAM 3 times and copying in their CEO Dr Cocker. I have submitted our scenario to the consultation described in the LINK below and have now made an official complaint to the Energy Ombudsman

    Eon now deserves some pain, and I suspect they did not really want to be lumbered with being the Governments Agent to make FIT incentive payments in the first place. Any one else in the same position should add their voice to Blogs like this, strength can only be achieved in numbers.
    Regards John Robles

    • keith hearn says:

      Like you I have waited for nearly 2 months for my second payment. The message sent was exactly the same one others have received. You cannot get them on the phone so I have today sent another email threatening Daily Mail and my MP.
      Surely when the government set up this scheme they should have incorporated some penalties for late payment?
      I will take this up with my MP with no real hope that anything will be done. Why is it that we, in this country, have to put up with such lousy service which hides behind those confounded automatic telephone systems? Any further ideas would be appreciated.
      Keith Hearn

      • John Robles. says:

        Keith I am now approaching 59 days without payment for readings sent on 5/4/2012. By all means complain however it is a good idea to send your own personal scenario to:

        Since ‘OFGEM’ have recognised the problem, and their ‘CONSULTATION’ period ends on 7/7/2012 in support of legislation being introduced and passed that will allow redress to consumers against licensed Energy Suppliers, please ensure you send your own scenario to them in support of what they are doing, all the details you require can be found through the LINK given above.

        I can tell you that a friend of mine who has become a ‘GENERATOR’ just before the cut off deadline for the original maximum tariff payment has just been put on Eon’s new system (promised to be completed by the end of September 2012) and has been told that payment by Eon will be made within 5 days of receiving his readings.

        If you are going to complain can I save you some time, do not bother to complain to the ‘Energy Ombudsman’ as I already have done so, only to receive a reply indicating that our particular scenario and complaint does not fall within the their ‘Terms of Reference’ as it is a commercial decision of when to pay by Eon. There are over 80,000 GENERATORS registered with Eon and no doubt most of them will like you and I be suffering the effects of introducing their new automated system. Hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
        John Robles.

    • Bob Matthews says:

      I have used your link, thanks, its now 56 days and counting waiting for money. I do not get replies to emails now even though they state it takes them 10 DAYS to do so. If the contract could be legally classed as a self employed small business then we would be allowed to use the ‘Late payment Legislation’ for compensation.
      Regards R Matthews

  5. John Chapman says:

    Correspondents’ comments mirror my experience: I have just filed my third quarterly return without having been paid for the second. Are other FIT organisations any better or do they all find it an unwanted burden?

  6. Nick Powell says:

    Another one here. Reading submitted 6/4/12, Emailed 24th May, received automated acknowledgement but no reply a week later, so I emailed again and got a different automated reply. This time it was pointing out that due to volume of calls and emails thay may not be able to meet their target of answering emails within a fortnight of receipt! Still no response, nor any sign of the payment. AFAIK there is no way to change who administers your FIT once you’ve signed up. I shall, however, be changing energy supplier. They are rather less flexible on payment timescales when the boot is on the other foot and I object to them having the privelege of my very profitable custom, when they are treating me so shabbily with neither remorse nor satisfactory explanation.

  7. John Robles. says:

    Correction – the OFGEM consultation period ends 2-7-2012
    John Robles.

  8. John Robles. says:

    Further to my comments on the 7th June 2012, after advising the Energy Ombudsman that I had sent their first refusal to become involved as it was not in their Terms of Reference to the ‘OFGEM Consultation Process’, they have now somersaulted and agreed it is now in their ‘TERMS OF REFERENCE’ and have commenced to process my complaint.
    Herein lies the Lesson, keep chipping away! and complain!
    Regards to All,
    John Robles.

  9. Mick says:

    65 days for my second paymentand still waiting. Phoned and emailed but no luck yet.

  10. Tony Brooks says:

    59 days is nothing, I have been waiting for 66 days now and after 5 e-mails (all ignored) and 2 telephone calls where I was promised immediate action and offered full appologies, I still have no payment.

    As someone mentioned, I cannot see EON waiting more than 45 days for payment without adding a very severe penalty.

    trouble is, if you look at the various other FIT providers, none of them are any better.

    • John Robles. says:

      Tony I would not call 59 days nothing, however since involving Eon’s CEO’s Secretary I finally received my statement on 13/6/2012 for my 5/4/12 meter readings some 64 days late with a promise that my payment will be made into my bank account on Monday 18th June 2012. That will make it 69 days late, but I have also now been promised that when I send my next meter readings to them on 5/7/2012 they will be transferred to their new system. For what it is worth you should note that under sections 7 & 9 of Eon’s Contract you are told that you will be paid every 3 months and if they carry on and fail to make payment by then, a breach of contract occurs which of course entitles you to seek redress at law! should you so wish.
      Good luck, maybe everything will eventually be resolved.
      Regards, John Robles.

      • Stephen Abrahall says:

        Hi John – I wonder did you get the promised payment last Monday, or was it another delaying tactic? Also – for possible use – are the contact details of EoN’s CEO easy to find?
        Regards, Stephen

      • Nick Young says:

        I am still awaiting payment for the quarter ending 29 April 2012 despite constant e-mails to the FIT team and then letters to the Customer Services Director in Nottingham. The Directors Office staff promised, in writing, payment by 13 July 2012. Needless to say this has not happened. Nick

  11. Wayne Goodchild says:

    Another member of the Eon Failure Group here
    I’m on day 55 as we speak. Surely this is a situation that should not persist. Even on their own website they talk about improving their customer service – when are they going to start. If the FIT scheme was endorsed by the government surely they should have influence with Eon and other FIT scheme payees.
    I had an interesting situation when I missed the submission date by a day and was told I was too late to be payed for that quarter and the payment would be with the next quarter – so really I’m still waiting for money from energy created approximately 145 days ago.

    Regards, Wayne Goodchild

  12. Stephen Abrahall says:

    I too am awaiting EON’s FIT payment from an early April reading, having had the automatic ’45 days’ message. Last payment was made mid February. A fortnight ago I called them to point out that they were breaking their own ‘Statement of Terms’ by not making payment at 3 months. Was called back after consulting a colleague (manager?) who said that I would be written to the next day and ‘priority payment’ would be in my bank account by today (11 days later). Surprise, surprise – no letter or payment. Collective breach of contract action anyone?

  13. Margaret says:

    Oh dear so I don’t need to keep checking the bank account then -(only 45 so far) boooohooooo I want to know how much we have earned (though I think I sort of know but need to know if their sums match mine)

    • Stephen Abrahall says:

      I’d also like to have a breakdown of their sums when they do (hopefully) pay up, which I have requested, as all I have so far received is payment into my bank without any documentation or even notification. Have you asked.

      Left message on their Facebook page.

  14. Margaret says:

    But I rang up anyway and very nice man explained the situation and said that unfortuntely it would be another 3 weeks – they are working very hard to get the manual system onto an automated system. at least I now know not to keep looking for the payment

    living in hope Margaret

  15. Tony Brooks says:

    May I suggest that everyone with a complaint leaves a message on E.ONs Facebook page

    We have had several successes using this approach on both my Motorbike and Car forum pages where members get a rough deal from companies. Within a very short time, the companies react to this bad publicity. In the case of the car issue which was about a “National” car service company, the CEO himself got involved because the problem went global and entries started appearing on YouTube etc.

    So come on everyone, start posting on Facebook.

    P.S 74 days and still no payment.

  16. Phil says:

    Remember pace yourselves we’ve all 25 years of this!

  17. John Robles says:

    Yes I did finally receive their payment but a couple of days late. The Moderator on this site will not allow email addresses to be posted but I am sure you will be able to find Eon’s CEO Dr Cocker on the Internet, I found it on another Blog but can’t remember which one. Don’t forget they break their contract with you if they do not pay up after 3 months.
    Regards John Robles.

  18. Anthony Brooks says:

    For all of you who want to send an e-mail to E.ON CEO.

    The following link is more than helpful.

    Good luck

    Tony Brooks

  19. Anthony Brooks says:

    I did post a comment and a link to a website that shows all of the CEOs addresses of top companies but this has been deleted for some reason???

    Anyone wanting the e-mail address, just google CEO e-mail addresses and you will find the website.

  20. I sent the following email to the CEO today. I don’t hold out any great hopes, I think that there are literally thousands of generators in the same position. What a cock-up!

    Dear Mr Cocker,

    I registered with your company to take my Feed in Tariff in October 2011 and have so far received no payments from your company.

    The welcome letter starts ‘ Now you’ve done your bit for the environment by investing in your generation unit, it’s time to sit back and be rewarded for producing your own electricity’.

    The Feed In Tariff Statement of Terms (which is essentially a contract) – Section 9 Fixed Export Tariff Payments states ‘Your Fixed Export Tariff payment is due to You every three months, subject to Us receiving Your relevant meter readings within the required timescales.’

    I have supplied meter readings on 28 January and again on 28 April as requested. These have been confirmed each time as received.

    Your FIT Team confirmed by telephone this morning that your records confirm I have provided the correct readings at the correct time.

    I telephoned on 25 April to chase my January payment that had not been paid and was assured that this would be forthcoming, nothing has arrived.

    I am now seemingly re-entering the fruitless process and all that this morning’s call elicited was that the records were correct and that ‘someone will ring you back’ in an undefined time-scale, ‘they are very busy’.

    I am already owed some £700 and will be soon submitting a further reading to take this to around £1,200.

    I am sure that should the roles be reversed and I owed E.ON that amount of money you would be seeking redress.

    This is all a severe disappointment and far from the ‘sit back and be rewarded’ promised. I am at a loss as to what I can do further to obtain payment from your company.

    Would it be possible for you to investigate my Fixed Export Tariff Payment and expedite an immediate solution, ie. a payment?

    I appreciate that the DECC is at present unable to force you to provide any redress. I have submitted my situation to the consultation process currently being undertaken to support the need establish those powers.

    Many thanks

    Laurie Wilson

    (FIT ID and address supplied)

  21. Anthony Brooks says:

    Well the Facebook entries and e-mails to the CEO of E.ON have paid off.

    I received a telephone call today from the directors office (Tim Brundell) apologising profusely and explaining their side of the issue. He accepted that there was no excuse and that they were taking steps with immediate effect to rectify the problem and that payment would be made into my account.

    this has never been about the money for me, more a matter of how E.ON handle customer issues. The generation of automated computer responses and no further action being the main complaint.

    Still, nice to know the method of going straight to the top and advertising the issue as much as possible works.

    Now I only have to wait and see if payment is made.

  22. Stephen Abrahall says:

    Thanks for the contact details of Tony Cocker. Glad that there seems to be some effect taking place at Eon Towers. I have just written thus:

    Dear Tony Cocker

    Please can you read the correspondence below, [copies of emails so far] which seems to produce no response from your staff. The email immediately below was sent last Friday, 22nd June, which is 126 days since the last FIT payment was made to me – somewhat more than the payment every 3 months of your contract. I fully understand that there has been the upheaval of a change from a manual system to an automatic one, or so I am told, but this has been the case since at least April, and in no way excuses my being told that payment would have been made by now.

    Please can you look into this as a matter of urgency, and respond as soon as possible. I am aware that I am not alone in this situation, there being many people who are experiencing similar difficulties and false promises, and I am sure you will understand that my patience is already stretched to the limit, so it will not be long before the national media is informed.

    Yours sincerely, Stephen Abrahall

  23. Stephen Abrahall says:

    An update: Tony Cocker’s office phoned and emailed me with apologies in what looked like a standard letter (as some of it didn’t apply to mine) with the promise that my account has now been transferred to the automatic system and I would receive payment by 10 working days. We shall see!

    So it seems to be worthwhile going to the CEO’s office. Also been told that future payments will be made 4 or 5 days after the generation reading is submitted.

    • Stephen Abrahall says:

      Follow up detailed email from the Director’s office is rather less wonderful. The change to speed up payment is hardly impressive: the 10 working days has been extended to 14, so I am now expected to wait a further possible 17 days for payment – presumably with no guarantee – based on past experience.

  24. Mike says:

    I have exactly the same problems. I used the Twitter route to air my furstration as its pretty public and visible to anybody who comes across the #EON tag. I posted on Twitter and within a day or two had a phone call and a payment to my account. 45 days is unnacceptable, keep complaining until they do something about it.


  25. Stephen Abrahall says:

    Have just discovered an interesting alternative supplier – Utility Warehouse subtract the FIT payments from your gas/electric/phone bill. Any experience of them anyone?

  26. Peter Gill says:

    My last report date for my FIT was on 19th April 2012. Since then I have telephoned EON’s FIT team on two occasions and subsequently sent them an email. EON have sent an acknowledgement stating that it is taking them longer than their usual ten days to reply to emails.

    I am an old age pensioner in my mid-seventies. Following the government’s reduction of interest paid on theIr Income Bonds to one half percent I reduced my holding of those bonds and invested in solar panels in order to improve my returns. As with many other customers of EON my experience of late has been far from satisfactory. Income Bonds may pay very little but at least they pay on time.

    In accordance with advice on this website I have made a complaint to OFGEM.

    This is a government sponsored scheme to promote green energy and we have all invested in good faith. How can EON and OFGEM leave so many people in the lurch? EON has all of our sort codes and current account numbers. The calculation of what is due is straightforward, yet a major public company has blatantly failed to keep its house in order. I can only hope that there is integrity as well as incompetence and that we are not dealing with another ENRON.

  27. Phil Burley says:

    I sent my first payment request in on Dec 6 2011 and have never received anything at all. My last reading was sent a month ago; not even a reply!! am about to move house and my solar panels have added nothing to the property value. So all round what a waste of £11K. My new house will never have solar nor will I be using Eon again. Totally disillusioned.

  28. Geoff Clack says:

    I emailed E.ON 3 April:
    ‘As payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme increased to 45.4p on the 1st April I am surprised that you have not requested a reading up to that date. To enable accurate calculation when the current period ends I am therefore providing the following interim reading:
    Reading Date: 31/03/2012. Meter Reading : 924.2’
    This was acknowledge by E.ON:
    ‘Thank you for your interim price change read, can you please keep this and provide with your next quarterly read.’
    Following this my quarterly read dated 21/05/2012 was
    ‘Meter Reading at 31/03/2012 (interim reading – up to point when FIT payments increased to 45.5p/kWhr): 924.2
    Meter Reading at 21/05/2012 (end of period): 1461.7’
    Now I’m waiting to see how they have dealt with this. If we are being transferred to the Automatic System I should hear soon, but then, if pigs had wings…

  29. Stanley Sharpe says:

    Stanley Sharpe says
    July 4 at 8.23a.m.
    We too are still waiting for payment supposedly 45 days after April 13. We did manage to speak to the FIT support team, who told us our payment would be ‘expedited’. That was three weeks ago, so ‘expedited’ has worn thin, as are their other ‘reasons’ for delay.. E ON are bringing the whole scheme into disrepute, as well as their own reputation as an energy provider that deals reliably with their customers.

  30. stuart middleton says:

    I haven’t received my FIT payment for the quarter ended 11th April, and submitted my reading for the quarter to 11th July, so six months payments are due. As payment had been delayed well in excess of the 45 days originally flagged, I called Eon FIT team last month to ask about payment (I managed to get through to them fairly easily) and they apologised that migration was taking longer than expected. I was told that my payment for the quarter to April would be expedited, but to date nothing seen.

    My impressions of Eon have been shattered – before I bought solar panels, I found their FIT team very responsive to queries, and after commissioning the system, they were great in handling my slightly different set-up. Payments for the first three quarters were well handled and arrived well within the time-scales they indicated. I have been an advocate of Eon’s for some time.

    Good corporate relations should have seen Eon contacting all of their FIT clients to explain exactly what is happening and giving a clear committment about clearing the backlog by a certain date. That they have not done so makes me wonder if they have any confidence in their own ability to get back on track.

    I have been extremely patient, but guess I now have to turn up the gas by writing to the CEO and others the previous comments will be worthwhile in that regard. A real shame; my duel-fuel energy contract with them is due to expire next month and I’ll be looking at what others have to offer.

  31. Jakowako says:

    My first payment took 84 days from reading submission, the second took 51, three days after I submitted my latest reading I recieved a statement with £0.00 payable within 11 days???? Next day 2 more copies of same statement, next day 3 more copies of same statement,!! Guess I must now have migrated onto their automated system…. You couldn’t make it up 🙂

    • We’ve been moved onto the new accounting system. Our prior readings on the 24th of Jan and 24th of April took 68 & 72 days respectively to be paid. I complained and the complaints department abdicated responsibilty to the FIT team. I have quite a trail of correspondance on this, the moment they run beyond 10 working days from now I will be involving OFGEM

  32. nigel stringer says:

    What a sorry tale this is – and who is surprised. My first payment from eon was due 25th november 2011 and was paid efficiently. My second reading in february was a few days late as I was on holiday, so I was fobbed off with it being added to the follow on reading on the 25th May 12. They promptly acknowledged receipt of the reading with the same shabby excuse that payment would be delayed by 45 days. I am now 46 days on plus the 3 months previous and the debt is £1840 which I would like in my bank. But I am not one to complain. I like to act. If eon do not pay me within the next few days I shall give them notice that I shall serve a Court Summons returnable to Norwich County Court to secure payment. It is not an idle threat so watch this space.

  33. Anthony Brooks says:

    One word that must apply here is “perseverance”.

    I have posted several responses on this blog and have been very successful in obtaining a prompt payment from EON.

    I always believe in going straight to the top and being polite. I even managed to talk with Tony Cocker after discussing my case with one of his team, Tim Brundell.

    True to their word, EON paid up within 10 days of my complaint and have paid my latest instalment only 5 days after e-mailing and phoning it in.

    Don’t give up and always be polite but firm and demand to speak with the top man himself. It does work.

    So good luck to all of you who are having problems.

    • Jonathan Moore says:

      Thanks for this advice Anthony. It worked. I emailed the CEO last night and Tim Brundell rang today and fast-tracked my migration to the automated system. They say I will be paid the outstanding and new payment by 17th September (worst case – his words). I will let this blog know if and when it happens.

      Thanks again Anthony.

  34. Peter Gill says:

    Thankfully I received payment for the period ended 19th April on 18th July 2012 and payment for the period ended 19th July 2012 on 25th July 2012. The dramatic improvement in payment times is attributed to my FIT account having now been moved on to EON’s main accounting system.
    My MP on the one hand and Jo Jackson, Director’s Office Team Manager EON have together helped in achieving this result.
    I am assured that future payments will be as efficiently made as the last one has been.
    Best wishes to all who are still awaiting payment/payments.
    Peter Gill

  35. mick171 says:

    I am in the same boat here… some 50 days now. Why don’t we all stop paying direct debits for energy usage up to the amount outstanding? We need to make life as difficult as possible for E-on. Push up their admin costs as much as possible. Many big commercial companies have no sense of right or wrong , they do things because they can (within the law) and only when any perceived benefit is eroded will they change.

  36. david says:

    Panels installed in February this year. Registered withEON for FIT payments. Told they would contact me when meter readings due, and then would have 7 days to give them a reading. Contacted in June, and no reply, David in Helsby

    • Nathalie says:

      Our experience is exactly the same. Fitted in February … not a single mode of contact in the past six months. Definitely no pennies!

      I’m completely appalled. It just seems like we wasted all that money, now.

      • nigel stringer says:

        Further to my threats of Legal Action I have contacted Eon and put them on notice. A very nice lady telephoned this afternoon and told me she would expedite both my february and may payments. She had already noticed that my august reading is due next week (a further £1700) and asked me to telephone in with the reading rather than e mail because their in box is bursting. I hope this helps.
        I confess to bit of diappointment as my action would have made the nationals.

  37. Axel Kirby says:

    Just submitted first reading. They said “5-7 days” for payment to be in the nominated bank a/c. The agent acknowledged that there had been delays, but said that the new system had “sorted” the problems. we shall see.

  38. Jonathan Moore says:

    I submitted my second set of readings on 23rd May 2012 and am still waiting. I have just followed the advice on this blog and emailed the CEO. Knowing my luck he is probably off on holiday somewhere in the sun!

  39. Axel Kirby says:

    Payment received on 7th day. Hope this becomes the standard.

  40. Linda Peifer says:

    Over 45 days for my second FIT payment, but with the same apology and explanation. They had technical problems (and, I imagine, high volume). Now obviously sorted, as I’ve just received my third FIT payment in three days – reading 17 Aug, date of notice 20 Aug. I don’t think E.on is useless, just a few of their individuals; but most of them are excellent

  41. GeoffC says:

    Meter reading submitted 21 August – payment received 30 August. That’s better E.ON

  42. Sally says:

    I am also a recent solar panelee (completed before tariff reduction in December) and also with EON. I am due to give a reading tomorrow so will await the cheque with some interest! I would interested to know, unrelated I know, what sort of readings those of you with 4KW systems have been getting as I think ours are below what they should be….Sally

    • Anthony Brooks says:

      Depending on your location and orientation and angle, your results will be different from others.

      i have a 3.85 (4) KW system facing 178 degrees (almost due south) at an angle of 30 degrees and live in East Yorkshire.

      My results so far are…
      Oct 9 2011 to Jan 8 2012…….414
      Jan 9 2012 to April 8 2012…..736
      Apr 9 2012 to July 8 2012…..1208
      July 9 to Sept 7 (today)………..902

      That’s a total of 3260 KW for 11 months. We should hit about 3500 KW by September.

      We would have had more except in July we had a Northern Power grid problem that was putting our grid at 267 volts and kept on tripping out our inverter. On checking back, this had been going on for about 3 or 4 weeks and resulted in a loss of output. Also with the very bad summer, the figures have been down.

      Looks like on average you should make about 3600 KW per year if you are at optimum configuration.

  43. John Brotherton says:

    This is a truly awful saga and E-on should be ashamed of their incompetence. After a disastrous and time consuming effort to get our 49Kw installation registered with E-on we finally submitted our first reading on 31 March. Payment was made on 20 August. Without the help of our installer we would still have been waiting for registration.

  44. Trees Fewster says:

    I was assured by a human voice when I queried by late FiT payment that payment was imminent. That was on 21 August…. My meter reading was sent in on 2 July, which is 72 days ago. I was also assured that further payments would be within 5 days. Pigs might fly!

  45. john robertson says:

    E-on very quick and efficient at amending your quarterly payment for power used, but not so good at paying out, still waiting for second payment like everyone else it seems.

  46. Jane says:

    Having had a year of waiting for payments from EON (60 days or longer most quarters and an incorrect FIT plan produced by EON which also didn’t help) we have just changed to The Coop who have willingly taken on our FIT payments. It’s too early to tell how efficient The Coop will be yet, but the one thing I can say is that they reply promptly to emails and have phoned me up twice. They have real people available on the end of the phone and via email and that is more than EON have provided. Changing your FIT supplier is easy, the Coop did all the work. EON’s track record seems appalling, I recommend that people should vote with their panels and move on.

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  48. Geoff Clack says:

    E.ON revisited: Things are much better now. My last FIT meter reading was submitted 16 November. Payment was in my bank 22 November. Can anybody beat that?
    ‘Another reason to avoid E.ON for your feed-in tariffs’ could well take credit for encouraging E.ON’s positive response.

    • Wayne Goodchild says:

      Mine tariff payments are on track now – Well done to those on here who I’m sure have made a difference with their comments. People power !

  49. Daphne Wallace-Jarvis says:

    EON are rubbish.
    I have been trying to find the on-line site for my meter reading to no avail – DOES anyone out there know it.
    I am trying to feed in my FIT reading on-line because EON refused to pay me my last quarter – Reading due 6th of March 2013 and which I tried to phone through on the 13 March 2013.
    I wish I’d known sooner – DWJ

    • andrewwedmore says:

      At the moment you can only give your readings to E.ON by email or phone – there is no facility for entry by web page. As you say, they are rubbish.

    • Andy Baxter says:

      I spoke with E.ON earlier this week. There is currently no on-line meter reading facility available its one they are hoping to introduce. At the moment its phone in or use the email service… Given the comments in here with the email service I would resort to phoning, but you have to make sure that you phone 6 days either side of your contracted read date or they will not pay you for that read until you provide the next one. Less than ideal but all they would do when I was speaking to them was to repeat this position. Given that I was under the impression that the whole service was automated I was not best pleased.

  50. nigel stringer says:

    I had this problem last year and threatened them with the County Court. A very nice lady rang me back and moved me over to e mail. Now they send me a reminder when the reading is due and I simply click and return the reading. Payment follows shortly after. Ignore the CEO who says there is nothing in law to say when they have to pay – its in their terms and conditions and adverts (or was!) Is there any law that says when you have to pay them for your bill? Of course not, its a civil contract. If the debt is overdue, sue.

  51. Ian Waldron says:

    Intersting reading all the problems above from people not getting paid. We have been submitting readings since March 2011 and for the first 3 quarters were paid fine but by March 2012 paperwork ceased to come through and no payments nor paperwork for readings last June (2012) and beyond. Have been emailing them since early Dec 2012 and just get automated reply. I think they are in a bit of a mess as for some reason they put £14,000 in our account over a year ago with no associated paperwork but we only have a 10kw system so this equates to about 3 years payments. I have not told them this yet and am just witing to see how long it takes for them to realise!!!

    • nigel stringer says:

      Hi Ian, I know they are useless but if I may offer a bit of legal advice – if you leave that money in your account it is technically theft and you will get prosecuted if caught. But I promise not to tell anyone………….

  52. Andy Baxter says:

    We installed our panels in November 2010. I also at that time used E.ON as my provider for domestic power and at that time was also quite please with them as a supplier. Needless to say the whole affair has been stressful and painful and the level of incompetence with in that organisation staggers me. I was informed that I was on an automated system where by my generation meter would be automatically polled for readings and I would never need to worry about anything. Needless to say I have had to chase E.ON every single quarter for payments. I used to deal with their IGNITE or Ignight team not sure of spelling but was informed today that that organisation folded (I has assumed that it was part of E.ON) so my meter that has a SIM in it and also an addition Arial installed due to low mobile coverage in my area is effectively useless. Even after having it confirmed by E.ON that they can receive readings from me in March of this year I has informed today after a polite conversation that I need to phone in or email every quarter. Why on earth deploy technology that can provide an automated read when required and then not bother exploiting it. I have been really disappointed with E.ON as an organisation and I do feel for the poor customer services operatives that have to put up with all the negative comments from customers like ourselves who have had a really bad experience

  53. Nsipa Siwale says:

    I tried registering the FiT with NPower, British Gas and E.ON. E.ON were the better lot in response and customer service. Surely they can do better than 45 Days!

  54. I have been with EON for three years for my solar panels and have had no problem whatsoever with payments quarterly. After giving my readings the amount is always credited to my account within 5 days and on one occasion in 3 days. I have no complaint at all with this company and additionally my dual fuel account which I manage on line is excellent and I have never had a problem in all the years I have been with them.

  55. andrewwedmore says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are a satisfied customer. For the record, right now the on-line logon to the e.on site is suffering a technical problem preventing FIT-only customers logging on. It’s not me – I’ve confirmed with them over the phone that there is an on-going technical problem which has been going on all week. This is typical in my experience.

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