FIT payments update

My posts on E.ON and FIT payments have generated more comments than anything I have ever written.

For the record, I have now received my payments for the period ending 11th May 2012 and the full track record is as follows:

Submitted 12Aug2011 – paid 1Sep (20 days)
Submitted 11Nov2011 – paid 29Nov (18 days)
Submitted 11Feb2012 – paid 14Mar (32 days)
Submitted 11May2012 – paid 26Jul (76 days)
Submitted 11Aug2012 – still waiting as at 18Aug

The payments from E.On’s old system used to arrive by email.  Now they come in the snail mail – a distinct step backwards.  They sent me 3 separate letters – in 3 separate envelopes –  about my payment for Feb-May.  The first letter was for the payment from 11Feb to 31Mar.  Then a second letter for the payment from 1Apr to 11May.  Then a third letter for the period from 31Mar to 31Mar.  This last one came, not surprisingly, to zero.

And they still managed to get my payments wrong.  They included the export tariff, to which we are not entitled, being “off-grid”.  I phoned them up.  Some difficulty explaining this to them – I don’t suppose they get many off-grid customers.  I’m sure if I’d said nothing I could have gone on getting the export payments for the next 25 years, but I really don’t want to store up trouble – I’d rather be squeaky clean.


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