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Moth morning at Hunters Farm – 3 July 2016

The following are all pictures of the actual moths found on the day (except for the last few).

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On the uselessness of advice, in general

I recall as a child at prep school being introduced to pairs of mutually contradictory proverbs.  For example “many hands make light work” vs “too many cooks spoil the broth” “Look before you leap” vs “He who hesitates is lost.” … Continue reading

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In January 2012 I planted a small orchard here.  After much research, I chose the following trees: Apples (all on MM106 except Sunset M9) Allington Pippin Braddicks NonPareil Bramley’s Seedling Kidds Orange Red Lord Lambourn Netwton Wonder Rev W Wilks … Continue reading

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Cat found

Our cat has turned up. You can all stop looking.

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Lost cat

Has anyone seen our cat?  Last seen 2 days ago.  A young female tortoiseshell. Please add a comment below if sighted.

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Superfast broadband – Mountfield’s experience

Superfast broadband has come to our neighbouring village of Mountfield – and has been greeted with less than resounding applause.  Experience has been mixed, with many  people being disappointed to find that they are outside the magic circle of those … Continue reading

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Bombers over Hunters Farm

Two Lancaster bombers – the only two in the world – seen over Hunters Farm shortly before 3:00pm on 16th August.  What are the two fighter planes that can also be seen following them, on the left of the picture? … Continue reading

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Our flock of pedigree Shetland sheep – not previously mentioned on this blog, is now 15 strong.   Coming into this year we had 4 pregnant ewes and 4 of last year’s lambs.  The ewes each produced a pair of twins, … Continue reading

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A short story in 1½ sentences

From the Guardian, Saturday colour magazine Saturday 5th April 2014 The guys from the bungee company visited me in hospital. They were very apologetic… You can read the whole story on the Guardian web site but really, why bother?  I … Continue reading

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Very pleased with our new bookshelf – a Christmas present from me to Caroline. Spotted in the Victoria and Albert museum – a Ron Arad classic design.  Mass-produced but every one is different as you bend it to your own … Continue reading

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