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  1. tim says:

    I live in Heathfield and am looking to install Slimlite windows in my listed property. Are you still please with this product?

  2. andrewwedmore says:

    Yes. Particularly the “reproduction crown” glass although this did add a lot to the cost. The only negative is that two of the panes (out of a total about 60) have developed a little “misting” between the panes – it only appears under certain conditions. My glazier assures me that Slimlite will replace these but it hasn’t happened yet.

    A LOT of attention to detail is a good idea if you are replacing windows in a period property. I’ve already mentioned the size of the spacer, the colour of the spacer and the glass. Other things to get right are the size and profile of the glazing bars, the exact depth that the window is recessed behind the wall, and that if a window mixes opening and non-opening sashes, that the non-opening ones are constructed as dummy sashes (ie as if they could open but have been screwed shut rather than hinged). If you don’t specify this point, the window manufacturer may try and save money by glazing the non-opening part to the outer frame.

    Slimlite invented this system I believe and they have lots of imitators. You may well be able to find the same thing considerably cheaper. However I went with Slimlite partly because of this attention to detail thing.

  3. tim says:

    Hello Andrew

    Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry that I came through on the wrong part of your blog-“how to find us”- but this is form of blog correspondence is new to me! ( I did find your works email address this afternoon so I wrote to this also- as I wanted to get in contact with you!)

    I am glad that you are pleased with the windows.Thank you for the advice about considerations on how best to have them installed.

    How long have you had them in?
    Did you buy direct from Slimlite or do this company have a number of shops/ glaziers who distriubute them?
    What sort of price are these windows?
    How much extra does one pay for “reproduction crown glass?” (which you recommend)
    When did you find that two of the panes began to mist?.
    How confident are you that these two misted panes will be replaced? ( slimlite seem to offer a 10 year guarantee!)

    Lots of questions to answer please!

    I do appreciate this correspondence as getting the windows right is important.



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